Remix Concrete | Loose, Tonne Sacks & 25kg Bags of Rock Salt

Rock Salt

When the temperature drops the conditions become more hazardous. The ice on the roads, at the workplace and at personal properties is a potential health risk to clients, employees and the general public.

The best way to combat the ice and to stop anybody falling on your property is to lay down Rock Salt. We offer 2 different types of Rock Salt, White and Brown Rock Salt. The white Rock Salt is more expensive as when it melts the ice and snow it does not leave a residue on the ground. The brown does the exact same job as the white rock salt but it does leave grit on the ground which some customers do prefer as it provides more stability when being walked or driven on and it is harder for ice to form on top of the rock salt.

Our Rock Salt

We provide the Rock Salt in the following forms...

Remix Concrete - Loose Rock Salt

Loose Rock Salt

We deliver loose Rock Salt in weights from 1 tonne to 20 tonne on our tipper lorry. Enquire about our Loose Rock Salt below.

Remix Concrete - Tonne Sack Rock Salt

Tonne Sacks of Rock Salt

We can deliver ton sacks of the Rock Salt to locations where there is machinery available to lift the sacks off our lorry.

Remix Concrete - 25KG RockSalt

25kg Bags of Rock Salt

You can purchase the bags separately or purchase them by the pallet load. Pallets vary from 42 - 48 bags depending on delivery options.